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The Mooselook Wobbler was developed in 1938 by John A. Green on Lake Mooselookmeguntic in Maine, from where it takes its name. A Northeastern favorite in the lakes region of New England and Canada. A classic and proven trout and salmon spoon for over 60 years. For all gamefish. Fish the time-tested action of the Mooselook at a wide range of speeds. Imitate your baitfish profile using the Junion, Medium or Large. Experiement with color to find the right combination.

Pumping your rod occasionally will trigger strikes from followers as your Mooselook appears to be darting away or fluttering back as would a wounded baitfish.

Developed by an angler for anglers.

Wobbler - 24K Gold24K Gold - 01

The #01 color is now plated with 24K GOLD. Often described as gold, it used to be in fact brass.

Wobbler - Chrome

Chrome - 02

Wobbler - Copper

Copper - 03

Wobbler - Orange/Black

Orange/Black - 04
Wobbler - Ivory/Red

Ivory/Red - 05

Wobbler - Green/Yellow

Green/Yellow - 06

This color has been discontinued in all sizes. Quantities are limited.

Wobbler - Fluorescent Orange

Fluorescent Orange - 07

Wobbler - Rainbow

Rainbow - 09

Wobbler - Electric Blue Electric Blue - 10

Wobbler - Chrome/Blue

Chrome/Blue - 11

Wobbler - Copper/Orange

Copper/Orange - 12

Wobbler - Chartreuse & Black

Chartreuse & Black - 13

Wobbler - Rainbow Trout

Rainbow Trout - 14

Wobbler - Silver/Red

Silver/Red - 16

Wobbler - Silver Nuwrinkle/Red

Silver Nuwrinkle/Red - 17

Wobbler - Silver Nuwrinkle/Blue

Silver Nuwrinkle/Blue - 18

Wobbler - Gold Nuwrinkle/Orange

Gold Nuwrinkle/Orange - 19

Wobbler - Silver front/Copper back

Silver front/Copper back - 20

Wobbler - Silver

Silver - 30

Copper Nuwrinkle - 33
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Stock No. Length Approx. Weight
*115 - Pee Wee 1-1/2"1/15 oz.
*112 - Midget 1-7/8"1/12 oz.
160 - Junior 2 1/2" 1/6 oz.
140 - Medium 3 1/8" 1/4 oz
380 - Large 3 7/8" 3/8 oz.

Product number is stock number followed by code color.
Example: Thinfish Copper would be 180-03

*Available in 8 colors: silver, gold, copper, copper/orange, silver/blue,
silver nw/blue, gold nw/orange, silver/copper back.

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